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 -- An Abundant Life in Jesus –


John 10:10

  “…… I came so that they may have life, and have it abundantly!”   - Jesus

Come and discover the FREE and ABUNDANT life in Jesus – open to EVERYONE!

We are a student group who simply want that FREE and ABUNDANT life in Jesus Christ. The Bible is our single source of the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE through Jesus Christ. We welcome you to join us today!

Each week we will have Bible studies on the UWS Campbelltown campus – where we will discover how we can access the free and abundant life in Jesus. This is a great opportunity to learn to be like Jesus and to make new friends, who also share the same spiritual desire as you! Jesus wants a personal relationship with you and give you that free and abundant life - despite of what you think of him, what church you go to or if you are not attending a church, or what you have done in the past, or what your current circumstances are – good or bad! We will also have regular social events to grow our relationships with each other, understanding that we are all made in the image of God, so that we can help and support each other throughout university life and for the rest of our lives!

Going through university life is a journey of self-discovery and exploring what you want to do in the future. At Abundant Life in Jesus, we are here to help and support you on this journey, and also help you discover your true identity in Jesus Christ. If you love helping others, we will provide you opportunities to serve the local community in Campbelltown. Are you looking for the truth in life and why we exist? We will help you discover Jesus – through whom we have an abundant life in!

What’s the difference between An Abundant Life in Jesus to other religious student clubs at UWS Campbelltown? We are part of the SouthWest Church of Christ; a family church based 10 minutes away from UWS Campbelltown in Ambarvale (in the Campbelltown Area).  SouthWest Church of Christ is a non-denominational church and for the past 30 years, has helped many people find the free and abundant life in Jesus.

 Being linked to SouthWest Church of Christ, just minutes away gives you the following benefits

-  A family of believers of Jesus, locally in Campbelltown. We meet Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings for additional teaching on finding the FREE and ABUNDANT life in Jesus Christ.  Transport can be arranged to get you to all our family gatherings.

- Personal Bible studies - We are happy to meet with you anytime - in your home, ours, or somewhere more convenient to you - to discuss your questions about God or the church.

-  Develop long term friendships with other young adults in the church through regular social activities, here in Campbelltown, as well as the greater Sydney/Gosford/Newcastle areas.

-  Be “Jesus” in the community by being the hands of Christ in the church’s various community service activities

JESUS and YOU are the PRIORITY - SouthWest Church of Christ will be there to support you in whatever way we can!  We are a family where you are a SOMEBODY not a NOBODY, a family that you can belong to. We want to help you achieve Life’s goal, by helping you find the abundant life in Jesus Christ.  We would love to meet you!

 When you join An Abundant Life In Jesus – you are not simply joining another student group, you become part of a larger family right here in Campbelltown who will be walking with you during your university life and beyond! Abundant Life in Jesus