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Southwest church of Christ
Ambarvale Community Centre,
Wickfield Circuit,
Ambarvale, NSW 2560
(Next to Masonic Hall)

Sundays, 10.30 am


Getting In Touch With God.

Over 2000 years ago, something exciting happened. God came to earth to offer His free gift of life to mankind. Not just physical life, but eternal life. A quality of life here on earth and throughout eternity that is not dependent on politics, money, education, health or any other things that people think are important.

Many people today are finding "religion" but not God. At Southwest church we are dedicated to helping people get in touch with God.

 The Simple Bible Message

To get in touch with God we teach and put into practice the simple message of Jesus as it is taught in the Bible. We know that sincere people reading God's Word will find God. That's why we strive to teach the simple Bible message, with nothing added and nothing left out!

Non-Denominational Christians

Southwest church is not a part of any denomination. We are simply Christians -nothing more, and nothing less.  No denominations, no "brand names,"no man-made titles or creeds.  Not Catholic.  Not Protestant.  Not Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses.  Just followers of Jesus Christ. We have no interest in building a church around man-made traditions. After all, it is God's church and we believe that His Word is relevant to life in Sydney today. We have no creed other than the Bible and measure our teachings and ethics against the simpple message of Jesus. We are one of many non-denominational churches of Christ around the world - sincere people dedicated to being the as Jesus intended it to be.

People Are The Priority

At Southwest church we care about people! For us buildings, budgets and denominational traditions take a back seat to the great social and spiritual needs we see around us. With God's help, Southwest church is striving to strengthen families and marriages; to encourage parents and children; and to help heal broken homes and broken hearts. By helping people find God we want individuals and families to be better equipped to face this ever changing world we live in. We are dedicated to serving God and this community in any way we can.

Meeting Times

Each Sunday we meet for Bible classes at 9:30am. We have classes for all ages. At 10:30am we have family worship time for approximately one hour. During our worship time we have singing, the Lord's Supper and a lesson given from the Bible. We strive to make each Sunday morning together a time of learning about God and encouraging each other through another week.

We also meet together each Tuesday night at 7:30pm for one hour of fellowship and Bible study. The adult Bible study on Tuesday nIghts is often in the form of a discussion class. The lessons are practical for anyone, whether you have lots of prior Bible knowledge or none.

What Not To Expect When You Visit...

  • Do not expect us to ask you for money. The work  we carry on as a church is supported entirely by our own members.
    •  Do not expect to find an atmosphere of superiority among us. We recognize that we are all part of fallen mankind, and we are all therefore in need of the Lord's mercy and grace. 
  • Do not expect to be entertained by bands, shows, etc. Instead you will find devout worshippers with open Bibles and deep reverence for God's truth.

What You Can Expect When You Visit...

  • Expect our assembly to be composed of people who consider each other spiritual brothers and sisters of one family. As a family we seek to glorify and praise God, and build one another up in faith. Our common aim is to love God and live like His Son, Jesus Christ, thereby  bringing glory and honour to Him.

    You will find us sharing joys and sorrows with one another as we seek to love each  other and bear each other's burdens.

As we worship  our God we will be offering prayers to Him, and also remembering the death of His only Son as we take the Lord's Supper on Sundays.

  • Our desire is to build each other up through the preaching and teaching of God's word.
  • Expect a  big choir -- that is, everyone sings! We all lift our voices in praise to God and to teach and encourage one another. Whether we are singing old hymns or the new ones, we do so with an enthusiasm born of thankfulness to God for His grace and mercy.
  • Expect to find Christians here. Not this or that "brand" or "kind" of Christian -- just  Christians. Our allegiance is to Jesus Christ as God's Only Son and we feel no need for any denominational ties.
  • Expect to find a friendly spirit and a warm atmosphere. We know that God loves you and we are trying to be like Him.

Home Bible Studies

Often people come to our meetings who would like indivdual study as well. We are happy to meet with you anytime in your home or ours or anywhere else to discuss your questions about God or His church.

Acknowledgement of Country

Southwest church of Christ acknowledges that God is sovereign over all land. Everything in heaven and earth belongs to God. We also acknowledge the Dharawal people, traditional custodians of the land in which we meet and pay our respects to their elders, past and present.


Southwest church of Christ
Ambarvale Community Centre,
Wickfield Circuit,
Ambarvale, NSW 2560
(Next to Masonic Hall)
Time: Sundays 10.30 am


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